Halloween Ghost Tour! 2010

Halloween Ghost Tour!
Saturday 30th October 2010

Off The Wall Spooky Tour Saturday 29th October 2010
Report by Mike Goodman from Off The Wall.

Fifteen brave souls gathered at the Off The Wall Coffee shop for my first Spooky Tour, just after sunset they boarded the bus hired for the evening from Airbus 2000, with Martin at the wheel.

First stop was at the Tarn End Hotel, overlooking Talkin Tarn, where three tales were told, the first about Lizzie Douglas the Brampton Witch, then about Martha, the old woman of Talkin Tarn, finally a short mention of Mary Stobbart’s ghost who haunts the Blacksmiths Arms in Talkin Village.

Boarding the bus we set off for Cumrew, where in the remains of an old castle’s earthworks witches would gather in the 19th century. There I told of the almost supernatural elements of the Helm wind which blows along the edge of the Pennines at certain times of the year.

Moving on we reached Croglin, there in the churchyard I told the story of the Croglin Vampire, within those suitable surroundings, my victims, sorry, guests held on to each other as I told of the vampires attack and the hunt to find and destroy him, Although I must remind you that the actual story is based on Croglin Low Hall which is about one mile west of the village and is now a working farm, I thought that the churchyard was a more atmospheric place for the story.

Quickly boarding the bus we moved on to Renwick where outside the church wall I told the tale of the Renwick bat, a strange creature that was disturbed from it’s lair when the old church was dismantled in the 1700’s, it was supposedly killed by one of the workers John Tallentire, however reports of the creature flying over the village have carried on, indeed the last reported sighting was in 1959!

Watching the night sky we quickly climbed back on to the bus and set off home. We stopped briefly for me to talk about Long Meg and her daughters, the stone circle just outside Kirkoswald, talking about the stories and legends associated with it. Then finishing with a ghostly tale involving King Arthur, Queen Guinevere and Sir Lancelot.

We finally returned to the coffee shop, I counted fifteen people off the bus, phew none missing, where we sat down to steak and ale pie with all the trimmings, followed by fruit crumble  and polished off with a glass of wine or a bottle of beer.

Suitably relaxed I then gave a slideshow on ghost stories from the local castles of Corby, Scaleby, Naworth and Carlisle, finishing with a creepy story about Netherby Hall and the ghostly footprints!

Wish to know more? You’ll have to book for next years Spooky Tour.

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